Exercising my mind

Today I had the joy of having a lunch date with my husband. It may sound silly, but it just made my whole day. The other day, I had a wonderful heartfelt conversation with a client. She shared some stories of her homelife with me and it made me feel like a friend or confidant. My daughter has told me how proud of me she is for all I am accomplishing. My son is asking me to train him for football. I tell you all of this because I am learning that these are the little moments I need to treasure. So often, I focus on what needs improving or what isn’t working right or going my way. Does anyone else do that?

The day may be long or I may be extra clumsy one day or maybe my child doesn’t do what he or she was supposed to do. My husband may not have said something the way I wanted. The laundry could be piled up, dishes in the sink, bed not made, or the pool filter not working properly. There could be a million different little things that can make or break my day. It could even be something like a car accident or a flat tire. Sickness or loss of income. Irritability of another person or their attitude towards others. Does it really matter in the big scheme of things?

I am believeing that our minds are very much like our physical being. Our minds need exercise just like our bodies. We can choose to focus on those bad situations or we can focus our attention on the joyful moments. Which moments truly define us?

For me, I have to exercise my body because if I don’t then I will become physically unhealthy. Many ailments resulting from obesity run in my family…stroke, heart attack, diabetes. I know I don’t want those illnesses and if I can prevent them or prolong them from happening then it is what I choose to do.

How does this relate? The mind is a tricky thing. We can exercise it and intentionally change our thought processes. Some of you may already be in that place where you primarily focus on all of the good moments and situations around you rather than the not so good circumstances. I like to believe I am an optomistic person and I certainly have a bubbly personality. If I look at my life on a day to day basis though, I see that if a circumstance arises that isn’t what I desire then I can get pretty worked up about it. I can even allow it to effect the rest of my day and how I treat others.

I have been working on changing my mindset. I guess you could say I am exercising my mind as well as my body these days. Intentionally focussing on the little moments that make me smile each day…a hug from my son, a kiss on the cheek from my daughter, a text from my husband…anything and everything that brings me joy. The annoyances are there and of course I acknowledge them and have reactions about them, but I am trying really hard to make them less abrasive and less effective. I would much rather be happy than be annoyed or irritated and I think my family is happier for it too. Do you need to work on focussing your attention? Do you need to exercise?

Exercising your mind, body and your soul can all work together for your good. I am a work in progress, but I am a beautiful work in progress.  🙂

http://10tipsforhealth.com/10-tips-how-to-change-your-mindset-and-become-a-positive-thinker/.                               Philippians 4:8  Begin to think on the Word or begin to sing a praise song to God. Make a conscious effort to fill your mind with good, pure, wholesome, and lovely thoughts.